Salvador gestured to the dozen members of the Soul-Drinkers. "C'mon." His rough, gravelly voice shook with hunger pains. He hadn't fed in days. None of them had. Their identities were becoming unstable; they had to feed. "We're goin' in."

"But--this is a _nightclub,_" Haril, a new member, protested.

"Yeah. It is." Salvador spun on Haril and grabbed the front of his leather jacket. Haril's eyes widened as Salvador slammed him against the alley wall. "Stop fucking around, _initiate._ Or I'll fuck around with _you._ How'd you like my dick up your ass? Huh?" He smashed Haril back to the wall, weaving psychic tendrils around his wrists, immobilizing him. "I can do that and make you _enjoy_ every bit of it, you homophobic motherfucker."

"I--I--didn't--I didn't mean--" He stammered, shaking, his eyes filled with horror and revulsion as tendrils crawled around him.

"Shut up." Salvador grunted with contempt. "I don't give a fuck what you meant. You with us, motherfucker?"

Haril nodded, trembling like a terrified deer.

"Good." Salvador thrust Haril aside, withdrawing the tendrils, and he fell into a trash heap with a crash. He turned to glare at the others. "What're y'all dickin' around for? D'ya wanna feed or stand here and gawk at motherfucker?"

No one answered.

He made a sharp gesture. "Our prey is waiting. Follow me." Salvador stalked around to the front of the Shadow's Dusk goth nightclub, the other Soul-Drinkers at his heels.

A man stopped them as they were about to enter the building. "Excuse me, I need to see ID--"

Salvador barked a laugh and twined a tendril around the man's throat. He yanked. The man's eyes bulged and he made choking noises, clawing at his throat as an invisible force cut off his air supply. Salvador shoved him down the steps. "Suck the fucker dry if y'want. There's better prey within."

The Soul-Drinkers burst into the main venue of Shadow's Dusk. Goths danced to live music, a singer with a voice of gold; they stopped to glance at them for a moment, and resumed. Salvador quirked a smile. They thought they'd seen it all. Bullshit. They'd never seen what kreshida could do.

Psychic tendrils snaked out from the gang to wrap around the people. Pandemonium erupted as they realized what had happened. They tried to escape, but the tendrils held them fast. Salvador grinned, stepping towards a young goth boy--then the woman onstage--Truth, lead singer of Truth and the Angels--caught his eye. He gaped for a moment. Raven hair fell to her waist, partially shrouding a face pale as death. Black makeup outlined her Egyptian-shaped eyes--were they black as well? An ebony leather corset constricted around her lithe form, and she wore tight-fitting black leather pants. She shifted her weight, jutting out a hip as she snapped her head around to look over the crowd, her hair flying behind her. Salvador's cock stiffened. _She_ was his prey--in more ways than one.

The rest of the nightclub disappeared for him as he sauntered towards the stage and vaulted onto it. She backed up, snarling. "Who the fuck are you assholes?"

"Now, is that a nice greeting?" Salvador grinned, circling her.

"Fuck nice." Truth continued to back away towards the backstage exit.

"Nice? Don't see her. How about I fuck you instead?"

Truth flipped him the bird.

"You agree!" Salvador took a long stride forward. She started to turn away. He wrapped a tendril around her wrist and yanked her back. She fell against him with a cry, breathing hard. Time seemed to stand still. Salvador held Truth against him, looking down into brilliant obsidian eyes that seemed to reflect the entire world. Breasts pressed against his chest, driving him wild with desire.

She shook her head and tried to pull away. "Let me go, asshole!"

Salvador chuckled and wound tendrils around her. "You're going nowhere, prey."

"Prey?" She hissed. "Me? Prey? Fuck you." Truth broke a wrist away and stabbed a finger towards his eye. He dodged, but sharp nails tore down the side of his cheek. Salvador grabbed her wrist, immobilizing it.

"You like it rough." He growled, deep in his throat, and nuzzled her wrist, flicking his tongue across the large vein just under its skin, feeling blood pulse through her. Salvador bit into her flesh, gently, not hard enough to break her skin.

Truth growled. "I said, let me go, fuckhead." She tried to yank her hand away, but Salvador wove his tendrils tighter. She let out a gasp.

Salvador turned his head slowly, and grinned at her. "I don't think I wanna."

"Oh, so what do you want to do?" Sarcasm lined her voice. "Wait a minute. Let me guess. Fuck the fuck out of me?"

"Yeah! That sounds right." Salvador chuckled. With a quick movement, just as Truth was about to reply, he mashed his lips against hers. Ebony tendrils twined around her, and he ran his hands around her supple hips to squeeze her ass hard. He pressed his stiff cock against her, wishing their damn pants weren't in the way, wanting to fuck her long and hard until she screamed ... Salvador pulled back from the kiss and thrust his hips forward, a leering grin on his face. "Fuck the fuck out of you."

She glared at him, narrowing her black eyes. "Go to hell." She jerked her head forward with a movement faster than he could register, and sank teeth into his nose.

Pain ripped through him, and he yanked himself away with a roar, clutching at his nose. He felt the tendrils loosen and tightened them before Truth could escape. Salvador looked back to her, his jaw set. "You like it rough, bitch? Get it rough."

He reached forward and grabbed the collar of her shirt. With a fluid motion, he tore it, leaving her full breasts bare, pushed up by her corset. Salvador pulled her close and bit down on her nipple, savage as a tiger. Truth cried out. He cupped her other tit in his hand and squeezed it. Wild lust flowed through him, and his cock screamed for release as he shoved himself against her.

Salvador sucked on her tit, growling, flicking his tongue against the tip of her nipple as he ground his teeth against her areola. Truth's breath came out in pants and moans as he massaged her other breast and teased its swollen nipple. He lifted his head from her tit and kissed her, moving his lips against hers. Truth's mouth opened slightly, and Salvador thrust his tongue inside her mouth, licking against hers. A low, guttural moan growled from her throat. He squeezed her ass with both hands and ripped off her pants. They made a satisfying noise when they tore. Salvador's hands roamed over her sweet, bare skin. She shivered, and thrust against him as he deepened the kiss.

The club disappeared; there was nothing in his conscious universe but her, soft, beautiful, impossibly sexy ... He wanted her, and he wanted her _now._

Truth pressed closer to him, breaking the kiss. He flicked his tongue across the sides of her lips, outlining her black makeup. He rubbed her ass and slid a finger down her crack to tickle her asshole, rubbing against its rim. Truth gasped and kissed him, hard, violent, growling under her breath as her lips roared against his. Her tongue stabbed against his lips. Salvador increased the intensity of his circular motions and opened his mouth. Truth forced herself into him like a tiger, her tongue raging against the interior of his mouth, searching for pleasure as she thrust her hips against him. His tongue battled hers as waves of pleasure coursed through his body. His stiff cock screamed, wanting to bury itself deep in the moist well of her warm, soft body.

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