"We're gonna get in big trouble, Vera." Jane's voice echoed and bounced strangely in the vaulted room. She just knew the dust would be hell on her sinuses.

"You're just scared, admit it." Vera grinned and flipped her red hair over her shoulder. "Don't you ever just want to go find neat stuff? See what's around the corner?" Her brown eyes twinkled as she smiled.

"Not really," Jane said frankly. She pulled her long dark single braid in an old nervous habit as she stared around at the dim-lit room. "It's usually a lot safer if you follow the rules."

Vera snorted. "Rules? Jane, I swear, you're dull as dishwater." She skipped ahead on the patterned tiles. "Miss Tyson will never even realize we're gone."

"You hope," the other girl muttered. The pale afternoon light filtered into the dusty storeroom in thin strips, striking off the tagged vases and polished brass-bound chests stacked neatly in rows. "You do know the way back? We don't want to get caught inside when the museum closes." Jane had always been bad at directions. Vera, though, could find her way in a dark room underground. It's about the only reason she ever succeeded in talking Jane into her crazy side trips.

"Oh wow, Jane, come look at this!" Moving warily around a high bookshelf, she came into an open part of the museum's storeroom. Vera stood motionless, staring in awe at a massive black dome set in the middle of the floor, at least four foot high at the apex. Its shiny surface was smooth, unadorned, and a single foot-wide hole was at the very top. "What do you think it is?" she whispered.

"I have no idea, and I don't think you should stand so close to it. They've got all kinds of security devices nowadays."

Vera smiled. "You're such a wuss. But I won't touch it." She walked slowly around the hemisphere, as Jane turned her attention to the rest of the room. Amphorae and large paintings lined the walls, and in one corner sat a large bronze satue of some sort of blacksmith, kneeling over a anvil with a huge hammer in his hand. She'd just started to examine it more closely when Vera shrieked.

Jane jumped, to see Vera staring at the ebony dome. "What happened?"

"I -- I thought I saw something."

The polished metal looked blank, showing not even her reflection, she realized with growing worry. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure! It was right there!" She jabbed a finger at the side of the structure. The tip of her hand just brushed the surface, and they both jumped as the smooth outside of the hemisphere bubbled. The metal appeared to boil, shifting and moving and spreading in rippling waves out from the spot.

"What did you do?" Jane yelled in fright, and Vera didn't answer, frozen in place. The ripples shifted, flowing, and finally a depression occurred. A slit opened up in the metal, barely two foot wide and with small steps leading up and to the center.

Jane's scalp started to hurt from the now-constant yanking. "We should leave."

"Are you kidding?" the redhead breathed. "Did you see that? I touched it and it responded! See, there are stairs! It must want me to go inside it."

She took a step before Jane grabbed her arm. "Are you crazy? You don't know what that thing does! Or where it's from. And we don't know how to put it back like we found it!"

She jumped down into the opened object. "It's designed for people to go into, what harm could there be? And look, there's some sort of a chair in the very middle!" The edge of the wall brushed her shoulders as she slithered through the slit to the center hole. She turned and grinned. “Oh, Jane, you should see your face!” Giggling, she sat down.

Snap! The crevasse in the metal structure slammed closed. "Vera!"

Vera's brown eyes looked huge in her pale face. From the shoulders down she was hidden, only her head stuck up from the hole in the top. "Jane, I can't move! Get me out!"

"Uh, hold on! I'll -- I'll help you!" While Vera struggled, Jane reached out to touch the black surface . Maybe it would open again...?

Nothing happened.

When she touched it again, it felt warm. Vera was starting to cry. "Jane there's... there's something in here! It's moving around."

"Hold on." She leaned up against the mound and stretched over her head, but she still couldn't reach. Hiking her school uniform's skirt up a little, she placed one knee on it and tried to scrunch up the side. Her breath rushed out in a grunt as the spot under her left hand went liquid. Her arm sunk deep into the thing and her chest thumped against the obsidian stone.

She couldn't see her arm at all. The stone rippled smoothly around the uniform's sleeve and her long brown braid flipped around to plop soundlessly in with it. Her hand felt like it was immersed in a warm, thick pudding. Jane pulled her arm back out, but when she tugged on her hair, the stone had hardened again. It wouldn't come free!

Suddenly, a skeletal stony hand erupted from the dome and grabbed her. It snugged her in place tight against the surface. More hands came up out of the black stonework to fasten around her legs and arms. "Vera, I'm stuck!"

"Jane, it's moving! There's something in here, and it's touching me!" She sobbed. "It's clamped down on my legs!"

The inky surface shifted yet again as Jane struggled. Gripped so tightly she couldn't move, she watched out of the corner of her eye as the opening around Vera's shoulders constricted and the redhead gasped. "Oh, oh, it's ­ Jane! You've got to get me out of here, I don't ­ ooohhhh," she moaned.

The dome started to hum, pulsing and vibrating as she lay sprawled against its curve. She could see Vera, her head thrown back and eyes closed as the rippling surface around her shimmered and throbbed. Fingers around her knees and ankles shifted and Jane muffled a shriek as one of the hands skimmed up her thigh and under her uniform. The hand stroked her skin, smoothing and brushing aside the cloth to knead the flesh underneath. Another hand squirmed inside the buttoned front of her white blouse and flowed over her neck and chest, merging fluidly with another ripple at her shoulder. Jane shuddered, felt her breath coming fast. The pulsing dome ground itself into her cheek, knees, and pubic bone and the stroking hand under her skirt at last lifted aside the edge of her panties and ran a warm, humming touch down her slit.

Jane squirmed, feeling dazed and drugged and aware of Vera's panting just beyond her head. "---dear god, oh lord, oh, oh, mmm…" Her bones and muscles felt nearly liquid, almost a part of the flowing motions that criss-crossed over her legs and arms and undulated deliciously against her skin. The touch against the lips of her sex firmed, hardened, yet still throbbing, and she drew in a great shuddering breath at the relentless stimulation. Wow, that felt good, she thought muzzily.

Cooler air flowed across her thighs, and she flinched when she realized that the warm, ebony fingers had worked her panties down to her feet. At the same time, she felt the slide of her shirt around her arms as her bare breasts pressed into the dome. The once-more fluidic surface enveloped her, swirling around her in heated, pulsing waves. Her clothes slid down the side of the dome to the floor.

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