Robert Sloan

Robert A. Sloan has published "Crossthought on the Hatestream" still archived in July 2002 at Gothic.net. His SF novel Raven Dance is available at Amazon.com and his fantasy novel Chazho is being considered at Tor. He lives in Lewisville, TX with his soulmate, true love and critique buddy H. E. Smith and their feline editor, Aristophenes Mr. Robert's Cat Sloan. www.pele.cx/robertsloan is a page with the photogenic feline's baby kitten pictures and www.pele.cx/robertsloan2 is his author site with updates, author art and oddities. Gothic subculture, pop psychology, crafts, art and roleplaying games are among his hobbies, naturally turning into nonfiction articles. "The world told me to shut up, so I flipped it the bird and went on writing."

Stories in Strange Love

Issue 1