We're looking for erotica in which paranormal, science fiction, or fantasy elements play a major role, with non-human participants a primary interest. Stories with a strong plot and character development are strongly preferred.

As far as content is concerned, anything goes with one exception: all characters need to be of age, to avoid legal hassle. Unfortunately, there seems to be some question as to whether textual erotica with underage characters qualifies as child pornography, and we do not wish to be a test case.

Other than that, anything goes. Watersports, bloodplay, beastiality, bondage, D/s, S&M, you name it. We actively encourage you to submit stories with the more extreme kinks; for the record, however, you will find it very hard to sell us a story containing scat, as the editors do have a strong aversion to that.

We want stories with plot and character development; make your characters _real_, make us care about them. The stories are erotica, and they are designed to arouse the reader -- and the more you can make the reader live in your world, the more effective you will be.

We want well-written stories; stories with excessive grammar and spelling errors will likely not be read. There are exceptions, but those are rare. Use a spelling checker before you submit your story; get someone else to check it over for errors. Trust us -- you _will not_ catch them all on your own.

Stories should be submitted to strangelove-submit@pele.cx inline in the body of the email, plain text format, single-spaced. Use asterisks for *bold*, and underlines for _italics_. If you have other specific formatting needs, explain them in the cover letter (which should preface the story in the same email). Paragraphs should not be indented, and there should be one blank line between paragaphs. Please include, in 50 words or fewer (Less? CHECK), a summary of the story; in addition, please include contact information in the cover letter.

If accepted, you will be asked to provide a bio; take a look at the bios at our author's page for an idea of what we are looking for.

Payment is a share of the net, proportional to the size of your contribution. We buy first electronic serial rights, reverting to non-exclusive after a year.

We will also consider submissions for cover art; payment will be negotiated on an individual basis.